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Portable 15" x 12" Charcoal BBQ Japanese

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Portable Charcoal BBQ Mini
15" x 12" (38 cms x 30 cms) with Adjustable height (18 cms to 40 cms)

Includes Grate, Cooking Plate, Charcoal grip, Adjustable legs with knobs

Very sturdy and heavy-duty construction
Great for parks and camping
Easy to clean, easy to carry
Portable and elegant design
Double structure barbeque body
BBQ grill & cooking plate can be separately used for wire-grill bbq and iron plate bbq
The cooking plate is through silicone resin processing, so the food on it is not easily burnt and it  is easy to clean
The height of the barbeque body can be adjustable
Barbeque Body: Iron
Barbeque Grill: Iron (chrome-plated)
Cooking Plate: Iron (silicone resin processing)
Case Frame: Iron
Charcoal Grip: Iron
BBQ Grill: 31.5 cms x 26 cms
Cooking Plate: 30.5 cms x 26 cms
Overall: 40 cms x 31 cms x 18 cms
Weight: 4 Kgs